Eurovision 2012: Italy \ L’Amore È Femmina (Out Of Love) \ Nina Zilli

OK. So here’s the thing. This is it. This is the one.

This .. the Eurovision song for the 2012. This is the song which will undoubtedly resonate long past the closing credits of the contest this year. It will resonate as heavily as the bass drum beat in the middle eight in the song itself if Italy don’t walk the 2012 contest with their act this year.

Like Lena’s winning Satellite for Germany a couple of years back, this song transcends the usual perceptions most part-time Grand Final-Only Eurovision viewers have about the songs they think they’ll hear.

It has a quality to it. I don’t feel dirty by the time I’ve got to the end of it. Sure, it’s a little derivative. Amy Winehouse mostly. But it doesn’t suffer because of it. In fact, musically it feels a little like we start with Amy Winehouse, then it develops, then it returns to Amy Winehouse and then we reach the end. That’s when I want to hear it again. And that’s quite something.

A production triumph undoubtedly, I do like the idea of Italy winning again. The San Remo Festival – in which Nina Zilli participated – represents the origins of the Eurovision itself. That was the muse EBU director (then producer, presumably) Marcel Bezençon drew on when conceiving the idea of the EUrovision Song Contest back in 1955. It is Italy who we applaud for the Eurovision. The fact they ducked out of the contest for a number of years when they felt it wasn’t going the way they felt it ought to only serves to underline how seriously they obviously take the art of songwriting. That was obvious from the song they returned to the contest with last year, the song that came in second in the final tally.

I’m just glad she didn’t go with the song she’d hinted at to Eurovision fans she’d sing for Italy. Because really if she had, Pam Ann would have had a field day with her video, not to mention the fact the song Per Sempre isn’t really up to that much.

Italy won the Eurovision in 1964 and came second ten years later with the same artist (the year Abba won).

The country came third in 1987 with the gorgeous Gente di Mare.

Italy didn’t win again until 1990 when Toto Cutugno sung Insieme:1992, a dark time in Eurovision history. Those who dream of high-quality live TV entertainment remember only too well the implications of Italy’s win that year. Toto’s presenting skills weren’t anywhere near as efficient as the song he sang to win the contest, making him synonymous with one of the most painful nights in the Eurovision’s history.

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