Eurovision 2012: Denmark Should’ve Known Better Soluna Samay

Seeing the result announcement from Denmark’s selection programme included in this preview video propels the country’s act Soluna Samay into the list entitled ‘Strong Contenders for Eurovision 2012’. Here was a surprise victory and a popular choice. Those of us who don’t live in Denmark are already thinking that this act is potentially a cut above the rest.

Soluna has a brilliant voice with an obviously reliable delivery. She looks convincing on screen and the track occupies a large space – clearly.

The song has a clever trick, delivering the simple but still memorable hook for the entire song – the chorus – right at the top of the song. It embeds itself in the mind of the listener/viewer within seconds of it starting and that will do it good.

A place in the final on 26 May surely beckons for Denmark and whilst seeing Soluna carry off the trophy at the end of the evening wouldn’t in itself be a disappointing thing, the similarity of Soluna’s voice (and that of the song as a whole) with that of Alannis Morrisette and the fact that the song doesn’t especially go anywhere, makes err on the side of caution that this will be the ultimate winner.

This in itself might be because I’m a fussy customer. I just expect a little bit more from my perfect and well-deserved Eurovision winner.

Denmark are a force to be reckoned with at Eurovision. The country has won twice, in 1963 and 2000, came second in 2001 and for the most part managed to pull off a top ten placing on the majority of occasions they’ve participated in the contest.

In recent years, the country has turned in some great (if imitative) numbers, including a homage to The Police 2010, something redolent of Take That’s Shine in 2011 and who could forget Denmark’s song for 2009 written by Ronan Keating and sung by someone who sounds like him. All of this makes Soluna’s similarity with Alannis Morrisette this year less of a coincidence and more of a strategy intended to win the contest for the country a third time.

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