Eurovision 2012: Hungary / The Sound of Our Hearts / Compact Disco

Eurovision fans test one another when they convene. ‘Who’s is your favourite?‘ is quickly followed by the qualifying question ‘Which do you think should go through?‘ before the ultimate slam-dunk, ‘But which do you think will go through?‘ It’s a rare thing when all three questions are answered with the same country. Hungary’s song The Sound of Our Hearts from Compact Disco would be the one for this year.

That which is perfect doesn’t – or shouldn’t – require close analysis. Actually, that’s an excuse for saying I can’t be bothered to provide any further qualification for this particular entry.

I love it. And I want to hear it over and over and over again.

And that is all that needs to be said.

Hungary has never won the Eurovision.

They haven’t really come close. They’ve submitted some great upbeat numbers in recent years – Katie Wolf in 2011 was a favourite , so too Zoli Adok in 2009 right up until his brilliant video was transformed into the travesty of the stage act he had to perform on the night.

Hungary has also contributed a ballad in 2008, some blues which did rather well in 2007 and a cracking little folksy choreographed number in 2005. 2012 sees the country fielding their best number since they debuted in 1994.

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