London 2012 Goodie Bag: Hither Green Station Coffee Stop

I do love my coffee. I also have a tendency to jump at any opportunity to indulge. The justification ‘I deserve it!’ is so much a part of my internal dialogue, I barely hear it now.

On my journeys into work (mostly done around 8ish am), I’ll capitalise on my enthusiasm for the day by charging my body with caffeine.

I’ve already had one (a cup of strong instant) coffee at home, but stopping to purchase one not only completes the image of the hard-trodden London commuter I like to project, but also feeds my addictive personality. There is no guilt associated with caffeine: it’s OK to have another one.

There’s another benefit to be had when I buy coffee at Hither Green Station. The barista is terribly friendly. He’s a regular sort. A reliable individual. He’s been working there for a few years now and knows exactly what my order is whenever I stand at the counter.

Hither Green Station Coffee Stop

I don’t buy coffee every morning. Sometimes I’m running late. I know I can order and take delivery of my ‘Americano with a splash of milk and a sugar’ within the space of a minute if pushed, but sometimes it seems a little rude to put my coffee-serving pal under such pressure on a regular basis. So, sometimes I’ll skip the coffee and step onto the train, wondering whether he’s clocked that he’s missed custom for that day.

Other days – if I’m feeling daring – I’ll build buying a coffee into my hastily redrawn schedule. If there’s a train following just a few minutes after the one I should get in order to get into work on time, then I figure the justification ‘I needed to get a coffee’ is acceptable.

There aren’t many businesses I come into contact with is daily basis which prompt me to speak so warmly. But given that so many people are coming to London for the Olympics this year, I figure this is one very local thing which absolutely needs trumpeting.

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