Orangeadegate: How Sainsbury’s responded

There’s something worse than getting what you want. And that’s not getting what you want. Or rather, getting something which leaves you feeling a little deflated and just a little bit stupid.

Last night, I posted about Sainsbury’s Basics Orangeade. It’s been discontinued. I’m really disappointed. And for some reason I thought I’d get out the big guns – social media – and see if I could turn that little development around to my own advantage.

Full of bravado, I penned something from the heart. I tweeted it. It went a bit wild. I went to bed happy and I woke up convinced I would be the talk of the town. The 25p bottle of thirst quenching pop I’d drunk for the past four years would be out back on the shelves of the supermarket. I would have triumphed. And I would be informed about it by the time I got into work.

Not so. A reply from @sainsburys informed me they would look into it. A further response (after I’d pushed back a bit) informed me of the reality of my folly.

Social media sucks. I failed. Boo.

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