Eurovision 2012: Denmark Should’ve Known Better Soluna Samay

I'd lose the hat, if I were you Soluna. It's not working.

Denmark. Are you receiving me?

News via the interweb this evening is that Danish televoting viewers of the Melodi Grand Prix along with the country’s national jury aided by international juries from Germany, Norway and Azerbaijan have plumped for ..

.. the song I was reasonably positive about but also wasn’t entirely blown away by.

Should’ve Known Better sung by Soluna Samay (above) in a gold sailor’s hat and frilly bits attached to her shoulders is OK. It trips along. It fills 3 minutes.

But really, why didn’t you end up with Overflow?

Didn’t any of you read this blog earlier today? I need to work on my distribution a little more carefully, clearly.

Read Eurovisionary’s blog about the Danish final for a breakdown of the votes. Personally speaking, it makes for surprising reading.

One thought to “Eurovision 2012: Denmark Should’ve Known Better Soluna Samay”

  1. Because the faux-Kylie was like a high-tech panto? Soluna gave the best performance of one of the better songs. I was convinced, however, that the little fella with song #1 was gonna win the televotes.  This could do as well as recent entries: not a winner though.

    And I LOVED the hat–why did she take it off?

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