Video: Raptured Episode 1.1

Raptured writer (and colleague) Heather Taylor will be livid. I’ve used the fruits of her recent labours and exploited them. Instead of just tweeting a link to the first episode of the series she’s written – Raptured – I’ve written a blog post about it. Naughty. I am shameless.

I can justify this. Here’s how.

I know Heather very little. We’ve sat opposite each other in meetings. Clashed over information architecture. Spent hours discussing brand names for individual navigational elements.

At the same time I – and a handful of others I now work with – have been aware of her ‘filming’. Entire weekends taken up working hard to produce something none of us really had any idea what the end product would be like but still were instinctively locked in to the delivery date. Today.

It’s nearly half past midnight in Vegas where I’m on holiday. Half past eight in the UK where I imagine Heather will – true to form – be stationed at her desk doing her day job.

Personally, if I was her boss I’d be giving her the day off. Just because having watched the results of her (and her team’s) hard work I figure I wouldn’t be able to look her in the eye without bursting into uncontrollable rage.

Obvious talent and unrelenting drive is so annoying to see face to face. It’s worse when you see it on a day to day basis.

Oh no hang on. I’m revealing far more about me than I need to.

Watch Raptured Episode 1. Brilliantly shot. Engagingly performed. And a reliably enticing cliffhanger to boot. And a convincing explanation for how Google+ came into being.

Raptured – Episode 1 from Red on Black Films on Vimeo.

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