The perfect antidote

It’s not been the greatest day, it has to be said.

For reasons I can’t – professionally speaking – go into, it’s been really quite demanding too.

But at 3pm this afternoon I sat down at my new desk (it’s different from the ‘new desk‘ I thought I had last Friday), bashed in the URL for BBC Radio 3 and stumbled a promotion for this lovely lady. Her smiley face was irresistible.

I clicked through and stumbled on a link to a clip. “Tomorrow” seemed apt given the announcements at work. I listened to a jovial exchange between erudite bon viveur Sean Rafferty (a broadcasting gem) and singer Idina Menzel and went weak at the knees. They were having fun, it seemed.

And then Idina sang. And when she did – just for a moment – the clouds parted. I had a window on one of those moments that reminds me of what makes the organisation I work for something to be proud of.

Listen to Idina sing Tomorrow. It will make you cry (blubbing is a good thing). And when the clip expires on the BBC website, rest reassured you’ll still be able to hear it here (unless of course Radio 3 Controller Roger Wright calls me to demand I take it down).

Idina Menzel sings Tomorrow on In Tune on @bbcradio3 (mp3)

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