When Amanda Knox was acquitted

My mother tells me that in news terms the question over whether or not Amanda Knox would be acquitted was ‘appointment to view TV’. Such a shame then I chose the moment the verdict was delivered from the Perugia court to do a follow-up call after the weekend parental visit.

I discovered the news when my other half alerted me from the lounge.

‘She’s been acquitted!’ he said, pointing at the screen.

When I relayed the information to my mother on the phone she was quite relieved. There then followed the slightly surreal moment of me describing on the phone what I was watching on th TV in the lounge while she listened, stood in her kitchen at home.

The surprising thing (for me, at least) is that this story had passed me by today. Swamped in meetings, I’d lost track of what was going on in the outside world. ‘The cynic in me says she won’t get off,’ I said to my Mum earlier on during the phone call. ‘Really?’ she said, ‘I do hope you’re wrong.’

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