Note-taking, scribbles and revisions

Don’t underestimate the usefulness of note-taking, scribbles and doodles. Scribbles allow the mind descend into a fantasy filled euphoria. What-ifs quickly become possibilities. And as soon as there are a handful of possibilities there’s a framework. Sometimes all that’s needed is a loose framework to help see the wood from the trees.

Note-taking forms part of the creative process itself, making the end product – the realisation of those notes in the creation of a ‘thing’ – a considerably more straightforward if functional process.


None of this is necessarily new, although the joy experienced as a result of experimenting with this form of forward planning did come as a surprise. The illustration shows a page of visual notes I made last Sunday afternoon planning out blog posts for the week.

The Eurovision post comes later today. And #Tweetcamp on Saturday.

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