TV: Fresh Meat Episode 1 Channel 4

I like to think I know immediately whether or not something new on TV is worth sticking with. I’m an impulsive sort. And one with an ego.

That in itself is an incredibly arrogant standpoint. And a risky one too. Still, I figure if I confess that you’ll forgive me before I pass judgment on Channel 4’s new comedy Fresh Meat.

In the first half there are undeniable moments of Peep Show mixed with tasty throwbacks to Spaced. The direction is refreshing, the editing suitably punchy.

I connect with it. I recognise the weird bloke in the house the rest of the student move in with. And I certainly recognised the agonising conversations between a handful of people thrown together in less than satisfactory accommodation. The same happened to me twenty years ago. In a way, that makes me jump up and down excitedly. At the same time it also makes me wonder whether I’m the victim of a calculated piece of scheduling. I hope I’m wrong. Because the lead is cute.

That said I don’t remember meeting anyone during freshers week who said “This place is crawling with quality anus”. And whilst I was offered a number of badly rolled joints during my student days, I don’t recall anyone offering me coke. Clearly, I didn’t mix with the right people at Lancaster.

No matter. It’s a nice thing. A worthy creation. And something I’ll stick

“There is a breakfast offered, but it’s continental. Grab a Ryvita and fuck off.”

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