Coping post #bbcproms

Clearly, I have nothing to complain about really. In comparison to a great many Prommers, I didnt attend anywhere near the same number of concerts as some of them did. But I have been listening a lot on the radio and the concert season has been uppermost in my mind since it’s launch … In April, wasn’t it?

The balloons have been the deflated, the bunting swept up. Friends have hugged, said goodbye and promised to see each other before the beginning of next one. All know that will be a promise all too difficult to keep.

The season is over. Life continues apace, at an altogether different pace. The rhythm of the day will change drastically. Home will shift from Prince Consort Road back to the place we spend the remainder of the year.

It will take time to reintegrate ourselves into society. In some cases it may even take time to slip back into seeing quite so much of our partners, husbands or wives. For some there’ll be a gaping void to fill.

That’s what it’s like when the Proms is over.

No need to be sad though. New challenges. New opportunities. New things to see and listen to. A whole wealth of other arts and culture to get our collective gnashers into.

So. Put the kettle on and make yourself a cup of tea. Treat yourself to a cheese and bacon turnover. Rest awhile on the sofa. Have a doze. The time until the beginning of the next Proms season will seem a whole let less daunting a prospect after that. Promise.

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