Greenwich Drag Race

Nice things unexpectedly happen on warm summer evenings. A couple of glasses of wine. A meal in a cutesy local restaurant and the middle class dream is just about complete.

And to finish? A wander up narrow streets in the direction of a large crowd of people surrounding a handful of men in drag teetering on high heels and bellowing into a microphone.

This particular gathering was the prelim to the Greenwich Drag Race. Now in it’s fifth year, the annual fundraising effort featuring men (and women) dragging up for a race around Greenwich in aid of The Metro Centre.

Me and the Chap didn’t stick around for the race. But I did get in amongst the crowd to get a few shots and footage on my phone, brushing past local photographer LewishamDreamer and bumping into Twitter pal and local blogger Lara Ruffle (not pictured below).

A nice little affair. God bless Greenwich and the community spirit it promotes.



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