Video: Masterchef Synesthesia / Swede Mason

This video – Masterchef Synetsthesia – has clearly been doing the rounds on the internet. It’s hit rate was at around 650,000 when I stumbled on it courtesy of Adam Cadman from the BBC’s classical music marketing wing.

Recently I’ve been banging on about content. The importance of editorial. Why it’s vital to make sure that an inner passion or personal investment is displayed in whatever it is you’re created. Because that personal investment will shine through. Just as it does it this masterful demonstration of audio tracking and video editing.

There’s humour in it. Not least because both Masterchef presenters tread that fine line between being hugely annoying and having a cult following because they have a tendency to trot out cliched lines. That doesn’t really matter. Because the end product emphasises the brand in a way that traditional PR and comms fails. It’s not going to make me like Masterchef anymore (the recent series saw me turn my back on it in favour of Channel 4’s brilliant Cookery School) but still as a piece of content it really succeeds.

Nice work. I hope to God it was borne out of a genuine desire to produce something witty and not at the behest of some other greater power. The latter would be depressing.

4 thoughts to “Video: Masterchef Synesthesia / Swede Mason”

  1. defo out of genuine love and enjoyment, it’s gotta be!!
    they’ve even now released a limited edition official “Buttery Biscuit Bass” t-shirt, hopefully these guys will make some money from this whole thing coz I doubt they’ve made anything off the viral, they deserve to.  Great piece of video editing and a witty concept, thoroughly enjoyed it.
    i have mine already ordered lol

    1. Absolutely – check out his YouTube channel.  He’s been at this for years and only ever remembers to think about charging for the mp3’s when he’s over the peak of hits (check out the Clarkson Beatbox vid and the plea for painting and decorating work here: )

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