From the past … ‘Jon’s first recital’

Twenty years ago to the day saw me make an appearance in the local rag the then Thetford and Watton Times to advertise a recital of clarinet music I was giving at St Edmundsbury Cathedral. In truth, it wasn’t entirely my recital. It was in fact a two-hander with my then girlfriend from school. Even so, the recital remained a monumental affair for me.

I only hope that the now Thetford and Brandon Times have engaged a slightly more imaginative journalist. I’m sure as hell I’d have come up with a slightly snappier headline.

Go ahead. Mock the hair. I don’t care.

6 thoughts to “From the past … ‘Jon’s first recital’”

  1. How interesting…. I was singing in the choir at St Edmunsbury at the time so I’m sorry now that I hadn’t actually stayed around to hear the concert, esp as I knew Rebecca as her dad sang in the choir too! What a world of smallness (or is that just East Anglia…) [No need to publish this unless you want to BTW – just commenting here as it was easier than any other medium!]

  2. Brave soul to show an old photo. I’m not that brave, which is why you will not see me in my 70’s leisure suit with neck scarf……lol

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