Digital Surrey: It’s all in the editorial #3 (sort of)

Either the prospect of speaking at Digital Surrey has made me all hyper-aware of groovy things to show people resulting in me leaping on loads of stuff without a moment’s notice or there’s something in what I’m proposing: that social media needs to ringfence the editorial talent out there on the web so as to underpin the effectiveness of future campaigns.

I’m still working on how to make that a punchier message. While I do, look at what former colleague and geeky pal The Gareth has unearthed.

This kind of stuff makes me weep. Strictly speaking, this isn’t hard-core editorial we’re talking about here, more raw talent. The kind of thing I imagine which emerges when someone is given the space to explore their innermost dreams, indulge themselves and insodoing reveal a slightly quirky, left-field sense of humour on things. After all, who but someone who loves music, loves to create and has a sense of humour would think of combining the theme from Shaft with the signature tune for the World Snooker championship?

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