Lewisham Choral Society: Brahms’ German Requiem

Lewisham Choral Society’s latest concert at Blackheath Concert Halls sees a daring rendition of a popular work: Brahms’ German Requiem accompanied by two pianos. 

LCS’ challenge not having the benefit of the rich orchestral accompaniment will also be an opportunity. The fact that such an opportunity is offered to so many local people is both a genuine surprise and something to applaud. 

Because, done well it will demonstrate how valuable the combined enthusiasm of local amateurs singers really is to the community. 

Book tickets for the concert on Saturday 19 March 2011 here.



2 thoughts to “Lewisham Choral Society: Brahms’ German Requiem”

  1. Good to read some notice of this concert. I sing first bass with the choir and can confirm we shall be aiming to “raise our game” and make this a dramatic and very “human” rendition of the piece that was, after all, called the “humanist requiem” I believe. Also I can vouch for the fact that the two pianists are top notch players. Curious if you shall be coming to the concert?

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