Eurovision 2011: Ireland

If Jedward had ended up representing the UK I would have been annoyed. Instead they’re representing Ireland.

I can’t say I was especially excited by the prospect and – having finally seen their ‘effort’ – I can’t say I’m especially excited about the prospect of seeing them perform in Dusseldorf this year. Sorry boys. But really. You make my blood boil. And your song Lipstick? Oh. Dear. God.

Mind you. It’s catchy. It has an undeniable hook to it. And it will rock at Dusseldorf. Come the night people will get swept along by it. And they have a larger than life presence. All things which will do them well come the final vote.

Like the UK’s act Blue, Jedward have been doing their PR well too. Where Blue had their nude photoshoot for gay magazine Attitude, Jedward played up to the androgenous/twinky market with their photoshoot for GayTimes (left). PR counts for a lot at Eurovision. And in comparison with previous years it could Ireland doing really very well indeed.

2 thoughts to “Eurovision 2011: Ireland”

  1. Noooooooooooooooooooooooo! I watched 20 seconds of this and couldn’t bear it any more. What are the Irish thinking? I see that they are no more coordinated or in tune than they were on X-factor. Has no one thought to mention this to them?

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