Christmas: Christmas Eve TV from 1974

I was two years old when this Christmas Eve TV ‘menu’ went out. 36 years later it’s an absolute joy to watch back.

I appreciate the slower pace of the voice over and the considerably more simple entertainment offering. A comedy, a film and a ‘music night’.

TV from an entirely different age.  Startling in comparison to the faster paced editing of the BBC’s Christmas preview for 2010.

2 thoughts to “Christmas: Christmas Eve TV from 1974”

  1. All throughout the evening, right up until 11pm ie going out to Church or bedtime the menu is very male-oriented*. I was too young in 74 (and we didn’t have a TV!) but I wouldn’t have watched any of those say in the late 70s and I wouldn’t watch any of them now.

    * not that I’m suggesting that TV-tastes split neatly into gender-defined lines, but the comedy is spectacularly demeaning to women; a now obscure ‘action’ film is unlikely to have drawn a large female audience except for those deferring to other household members!

  2. I hadn’t actually looked at it like that. Now I do, I see what mean. Quite depressing. Although I wonder what the audience was for the Dick Emery show. I have this suspicion there was a mix across genders for that. But maybe too Christmas Eve wasn’t the “big night” of TV compared to Christmas Day? Maybe there wasn’t much effort put in.

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