Delicia Chocolate Packaging (via Keri Thornton // Graphic Designer)

I’ve enjoyed stumbling on Keri Thornton’s blog today (and too as a result). And in her latest posting she presents a smashing example of brilliantly executed (fictitious) brand design she’s recently worked on.

Her design stirs the heart. Possibly because it reminds me of the design work done around the Festival of Britain in 1950 which permeated so much futuristic design in British domesticity. The epitome was the atomic graphic – itself a sign of the bright future in the 1950s. In so much of Morris’ work, that futuristic iconography is often juxtaposed with elegant line drawings.

Similarly in Thornton’s brand design hooks into my perception almost rose-tinted view of the 1950s. The hand-drawn texture and delicate yet glamouress script of the product name reminds me of Holly Golightly’s donning her little black dress and pearls.

Quite apart from the design being used for chocolate bars, there is a delicious reliability about the finished look. I want the packaging. And fictitious as they might be, I want the product inside.

Delicia Chocolate Packaging It is two weeks today that I shall be leaving FIT and  New York City and going home to England for Christmas. I am very excited to go home, but first I must tackle my last two weeks, which could be described as the hardest run of the stretch so far…so much to do, hence why I’ve not blogged yet this week. Here are some images of my last packaging project – Branding and packaging for fictitious confectionery brand Delicia. It was suggested that w … Read More

via Keri Thornton // Graphic Designer

The Print & Pattern blog shows I’m not the only one with a weakness for 1950s design.

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