Christmas: Simon’s Cat Santa Claws

God bless Simon’s Cat who – just in time for Christmas – is doing what all cats can be relied upon to do when the tree is being decorated.

Our tree goes up tomorrow and with two cats fascinated by tinsel and baubles I know we’ll have some difficulty taming the beasts and stopping our precious decorative art from being decimated. It’s part of our annual Christmas tradition.

Now, there seems to be a new tradition emerging: a reliably charming uttering from Simon’s utterly and charmingly sweet cat. Gorgeous stuff.


PS Geeky anoraks may possibly be able to help me here. Is this the first time we hear Simon actually speak words?



One thought to “Christmas: Simon’s Cat Santa Claws”

  1. That was cute in a destructive kind of way.

    I used to live with someone who had a couple of cats, but they didn’t try to climb it. Couldn’t put ornaments on the lower branches as the old male like to hit them with his paw until they broke. The younger female use to like to hide under the tree since it was always hugh and low to the floor. After the tree was removed we always found the ‘remains’ of what happens when a cat eats to many pine needles…..

    Have fun putting up the tree.

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