Connect with your inner queen

Is this clip – quite possibly – now the best feelgood dancing at a party clip?

It is for me. Possibly because it is exactly what I used to dream of doing when I was a spotty teenager desperate to feel comfortable at otherwise painful sixth form parties. The opportunity to say ‘look at me – I’m not such a dweeb after all’ was all too difficult to avoid dreaming about. And, it might just be the case that I *may* have realised that dream in the safe confines of my bedroom .. from time to time.

It’s from the recent comedy drama wotnot Whites which has – contrary to what I heard one ill-informed PR-type say during a tiresome event recently – been brilliant. Not least because far from concluding the series with a happy ending for everyone,  character Skoose – the ‘dancer’ in this clip – gets his comeuppance from the boss he was trying to impress. It turned out he wasn’t the ‘big I am’ he thought he was when he arrived in his new job at the beginning of the series. And, as we all know, there’s nothing better than seeing someone getting their comeuppance.

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