Eurovision 2010: Winner – Germany

Winning Song: Satellite

A cracking song sung by a reasonably sincere looking 19 year old (there was moment when I’m sure there was an issue between singer Lena and last year’s Norwegian winner Alexander Rybak – something about a kiss not being placed on the right place on her face) clinched a win for Germany at this year’s Eurovision.

The real surprises of the evening were – undoubtedly – a poor showing for Iceland in the final results table. Iceland’s was a brilliant performance of an uplifting track. Quite how Greece managed to claw in so many more votes over Iceland leaves me a little bit bewildered.

So too Portugal’s poor performance which certainly didn’t deserve to languish so low down in the final results.

Having said all that, what I’m left with is how satisfying this particular contest has been. For the first time in a long time I’m left feeling like the right song won. Such a return on one’s personal investment is something of a relief. In fact, it’s cause to crack open another beer.

Oh yes .. and the United Kingdom came last. But then we knew that was coming.

And you know what? That’s just peachy.

In the spirit of transparency .. here’s my working :



3 thoughts to “Eurovision 2010: Winner – Germany”

  1. 1. It didn’t seem to be a real ‘special’ song to win a title in something as big as Eurovision. 2. Just wondering, if this is Eurovision, how is Israel in it? 3. Jon do your neighbors seeing you record these blogs know you are doing that, or do they think you are just sitting there talking to yourself 🙂 4. What’s next for you now that Eurovision is over?

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