TV: Virtual Revolution Episode 2 BBC

A much more informative episode (episode 1 was quite good, but episode 2 was a lot better) featuring a predictable segment on Twitter, a piece on ARPANET and the foundations of TCP/IP and Austin Heap and his secure proxy server Haystack amongst other things.

Nice work. I’m still getting irritated with Dr Aleks Krotoski wandering around various cities and perching on various ledges with her laptop (I bet she doesn’t suffer from RSI) and was incredibly jealous when she wandered around Verisign Headquarters in California.

Definitely worth a look however.



One thought to “TV: Virtual Revolution Episode 2 BBC”

  1. I was otherwise engaged on Saturday, but look forward to catching up with Dr. Aleks and co on iPlayer later this week. I really enjoyed the first episode as I felt it was a programme about the internet which, for a change, didn’t talk down to its audience. Again, well done BBC for combining education and entertainment in a mature package.

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