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Is Alan Carr the new fluffy homo we’re prepared to open our hearts to or just yet another camp stand-up comedian who’s been given his own chat show?

Carr isn’t new to TV entertainment. He and his west country big cat sidekick Justin Lee-Collins have been doing the Sunday Night Project (and various other projects) for a number of years now. It was the prospect of Carr on his own however which prompted me to watch him on his new Sunday night chat show Alan Carr: Chatty Man.

Joined by entertainment God Bruce Forsyth and Heather Graham there were times when it felt as though his guests were there solely to provide Carr with material for his next gag. In “chat show” world this is nothing new, it has to be said. And whilst there was obvious chemistry between Carr and his first two guests, it was his segment with Ross Kemp which left me a little cold. Even a personal appearance from sometime tough-guy Kemp talking about his Sky One documentaries did little to impress me about Kemp’s latest contribution to the canon of investigative journalism.

The inclusion of monologues at the top of each segment was something fresh borne out of pragmatism no doubt. More time featuring Carr meant less time with the guests which in turns throws more of the spotlight on Carr. The material will have to be good, although there’s a promise there with Twitter Tattle. The Big Brother segment was seemingly over before it had begun. The most successful sequence was undoubtedly his guest appearance in the Pet Shop Boy’s rendition Did You See Me Coming?

Carr is a funny man and an adorable one too. He’s better on his own and has definitely hooked in one new committed viewer. But whilst the set was good and the crowd raucously enthusiastic, Carr’s chat show follows a tried and tested format. It’s a vehicle which shows once again british TV is woefully lacking a genuine and sincere entertainment chat show. Whilst I’m waiting for that particular need to be met, I’ll still settle myself down for a cosy 50 minutes every Sunday night for the forseeable future.



3 thoughts to “TV: Alan Carr:Chatty Man Channel 4”

  1. Had thought of not recording this series as although I find Allan Carr quite funny I also find him quite tiring. But if you think it’s worth it, I’ll give it a try next week.

  2. I like Alan Carr but found the show actually quite boring. The seemed to be no connection between Alan and his guests. It was like guests had a gun to their heads.

    Antony x

  3. ive loved alan from the first, he always made me laugh so much. as an amputee i was shocked when he made a nasty joke about heather mill’s disability but forgave him cos i loved him. last night he made a very poor joke about women in wheelchairs at glastonbury so i switched him off. disability of any kind is no joke folks and its scraping the bottom of the barrel when people make these jokes. bye alan.

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