Bambuser: like I need more excuses

I can hear my harshest critic as he casts his eye over this blog.

“Jesus. Yet another platform for that Jacob bloke to get his face on. How very tiresome.”

I agree. At the same as the new service Bambuser (live streaming from mobile phone to internet) excites me, it does make me think twice about being carefully just what I do on it. Over exposure is a bad thing. People do very quickly grow tired.

Still, it’s a wonderful thing. At least it seems that way. With my Nokia N95 installed with a special downloadable application, a login to the Bambuser website and either a wireless connection or 3G connection to the internet I could (if I subsequently found sufficiently interesting to talk about) broadcast something live to the internet. The resulting clip is encoded by Bambuser’s infrastructure and subsequently offered on my own profile as an archive clip.

It’s like shooting video and uploading it to YouTube without having to upload it to YouTube. It’s using my mobile phone as nothing more than a camera and storing the results on a server on the internet. It’s cloud computing (sort of) although my phone does store a copy of the video movie at the same too. God only knows how it does that.

I did a handful of tests this afternoon which interrupted my viewing of the first brilliant episode in the first series of the revamped Doctor Who. Suddenly Christopher Ecclestone’s handsome face was a distant memory as I experimenting with different settings on the phone and application.

By far the best execution of live broadcasting can be achieved by keeping the camera device still, setting the audio quality to high and ensuring you’re utilising a wireless connection although even in my test I did notice that the further I moved away from the wireless router, the jumpier the resulting video became (inevitably). Mind you, the outdoors stuff over 3G was reasonably OK (in my humble opinion). What would make things better is if I had a Mac, no doubt. A Mac with a webcam embedded.

The most exciting thing about Bambuser is its relative ease of use and the fact that it delivers on what it promises. It’s also available for a variety of different platforms.

See all the other archive test clips on my Thoroughly Good Bambuser channel. Yes, that’s right. Another profile.

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