TV: Graham Norton Show (5.1 5 March 2008)

The first in a new series of Graham Norton’s Thursday night BBC Two show demonstrated exactly what happens when all the elements for a entertainment fall into place.

Sarah, Duchess of York’s appearance on Graham’s bright red sofa established this show as something a little different.

Ferguson herself confessed to feeling a little anxious about coming on the show to begin with, later sharing her experiences with the press and her own feelings in response to its output directly after her divorce from Prince Andrew.

OK, so the new film producer Ferguson is out and about promoting her film The Young Victoria so the cynics may well chime that she’s bound to pull out all the stops to appeal to the home crowd in selling her product.

Still she came across as a thoroughly good sort who shows that people can survive the onslaught of the Royal family and come out the other end.

She also proved herself game to what can sometimes be quite painful audience participation gags relied on by Norton and his team of entertainment elves.

Back was Graham’s most useful entertainment prop – the humiliating buzzer – for a spot of dating for a single woman in the audience. Yes, it might be a tried and tested gag but this one saw not only a series of surprising twists but successfully executed ones too.

Clearly, Norton and his team are upping the ante what with that Ross bloke back on BBC One on a Friday night. Watch it and enjoy.

Greg Kinnear and Ruth Jones feature in next week’s installment.

One thought to “TV: Graham Norton Show (5.1 5 March 2008)”

  1. I watched it. Yes it was different more “general entertainment” rather than the traditional “laugh out loud funny”.

    I prefered the old style, but did enjoy having Sarah on as it was something different.

    Antony x

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