TV: Celebrity Big Brother & Million Dollar Traders

We were without the internet last night thus my mind was working overtime and my notebook getting filled up with random scribbles.

It was an oddly liberating experience. Normally, I’d be sat in the lounge with my laptop fired up. This particular evening there seemed little point. After a long hot soak in the bath during which I discovered the piano music of Nielsen wasn’t anywhere near as squeaky as I assumed it was just from his name, I concentrated on the TV.

First, Celebrity Big Brother 2009. Despite my earnest promise to our friends that me and significant other wouldn’t succumb to the reality show, I have found myself watching it fairly regularly. It’s easy TV and a programme which does from time to time still challenge my gut reactions. The previous Big Brother outing saw me realise that it is actually OK to dislike (and at times be incredibly annoyed) by a blind man. This Celebrity series saw me surprised at my reaction to see mini-me Verne enter the house. The reaction was neither negative nor positive. More, why do I find it difficult to look at the man?

I’m happy to say that the initial reaction I had has now passed. Now my attentions are on Ulrika and Terry, pleased to see that people who suffered with bad reputations have now had new life breathed into their public personas. (Yes, I know it’s the point of shows like Big Brother. I’m just justifying why I’m watching it.)

As to who I would like to see win? Frankly, I couldn’t care. All I know is that I wouldn’t mind seeing the likes of Ulrika, Terry and quite possibly LaToya on TV again.

I had hoped we might shuffle up the wooden stairs to bed-fordshire post-Big Brother. Instead significant other proposed the first episode of BBC Two’s Million Dollar Traders.

It’s not my kind of TV programme. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) filmed during the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac stuff, Million Dollar Traders didn’t fill in the gaps of my woefully poor grasp on the financial markets. I’d hoped for a little bit more although I suspect that if you like The Apprentice you’ll like this. I’m not the target audience, I fear.

We got half an hour in to the first episode before tiredness and guilt-fuelled responsibility kicked in. At an hour long it may be worth me catching-up on the bit I missed, although with the prospect of a sooper-dooper, knee-trembling Sky HD+ box being installed (and the internet being down at home for the next few days) Million Dollar Traders will need to be broadcast on BBC HD otherwise I will definitely miss it.



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