Diary: Your Country Needs You #5

Quite an odd night. Shortly after the beginning of YCNY, college pal Becky rings me. It’s always lovely when chat together and we haven’t done that for a long time.

“Is now a good time ?” she asked.

“No. Not really. It’s the first Eurovision thing. Your timing is appalling.”

“Oh. God. I’m sorry. How could I have known?”

“Well, you could have looked in the schedule.”

I did call the lovely Becky at 9.00pm. A fantastic chat which was mercifully minus any reference to Eurovision.

Normal life has resumed now that the first heat of Your Country Needs You is over and in case you didn’t watch or you don’t want to sit through the hour long programme on BBC iPlayer (actually – you might as well, it’s really rather good) then the important information you need to know is

The two acts who were placed in the “Danger Zone” – ie the one which sees Andrew Lloyd Webber standing in between both acts looking all pensive and saying “this is really tough but I have to decide which one of you two to save” – were Damien and Charlotte.

The Great Lord saved Charlotte, surprisingly, which means we won’t be seeing Damien‘s chiselled jaw on prime-time Saturday night TV (at least, not for the forseeable future). Shame. He did look smashing in a purple open-collar shirt and natty single-breasted suit, I thought.

Oh … and one jury in South East London arrived at their decision about who to vote for this evening using this very handy aide memoir.



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