Diary: Your Country Needs You # 3

I’ve spent some time with some Eurovision fans this evening. The subject of Graham Norton did come up. I kept my cool at all times.

I wouldn’t call myself a Norton fan, more a staunched supporter. I keep an eye out for what The Norton does and make appropriate notes in my special notebook which no-one will ever see, ever.

This may have something to do with the fact that I had a bit of fun doing  some work experience on The Graham Norton Show. Hardly surprising some might consider me a bit biassed. It was great.

If me being biassed is truly justified it might have more to do with me feeling flushed with excitement when me and a friend passed him in reception at work one day. As I recall, Mr Norton turned back to look at us and then said to me, “Hello. How are you?” It’s important to stress he directed that at me and not my friend. As I say, I was very excited by this. A celebrity recognised me. Lovely.

More importantly and more related to Eurovision is Mr Norton’s appearance in G2 today. Like a similar interview which appeared in the Guardian’s Weekend a few years ago is how he comes across in a positive light. He seems like a normal bloke. I like that.

I like it because I think Mr Norton has the toughest of all jobs. He’s having to fill the shoes of a man who was the voice of a television programme I did have a very close eye on. It’s the big one. It’s the big job.

 Given that I’ve ended up feeling the same as a result of reading two interviews published over a few years, this is one Eurovision hawk who’s feeling quite confident.

Elsewhere, our Lord and Saviour Andrew Lloyd Webber has been talking his way through his project plan for the next 18 months.

1. Eurovision 2009   Good man. Well done. Good to see you’ve got your eyes on the first deadline.

2. Phantom of the Opera sequel  Launching in October 2009 (I think – listen for yourself) across continents at the same time. (Again, go check for yourself.)

3. Next year’s “BBC Casting Show”   … will be looking to find stars for a production of The Wizard of Oz. Brilliant. At last. I’ve got my application in already. I reckon I’d make a brilliant Dorothy.

So, if Andrew Lloyd Webber is in a casting show year next summer, do we  do we need an Andrew Lloyd Webber version 2.0 for Eurovision 2010? *

* Is this a Eurovision 2010 scoop?



4 thoughts to “Diary: Your Country Needs You # 3”

  1. Oh my. I’m afraid to say (in my usual negative, grumpy way) that the 3 points of that plan are quite literally the worst pieces of news I’ve heard so far in 2009. And I’d still say that if my car was parked in the Gaza Strip and I had shares in Woolworths.

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