Radio: Saturday Play – Blithe Spirit

Despite my best intentions to be organised, effecient and economical this year when it comes to sending out Christmas wishes, I have made a batch (more than I had originally thought I would) and now have to scrabble around looking for last year’s distribution list.

There will be some people disappointed, I suspect, as I forget some recipients or discover I have misplaced their addresses, so for them I offer the craft production line video above to placate them.

This year’s little craft activities were carried out listening to a cracking performance of Noel Coward’s Blithe Spirit, the Saturday play on Radio 4. I did quite literally switch on the radio right at the top of the hour and fell into some sparkling dialogue (predictably) and some brilliant performances. It’s an hour an a half long, but it’s perfect if you need to knuckle down and get some chores done. Best make listening to it on a rainy afternoon just to add to the effect.

Listen to Blithe Spirit on the BBC iPlayer. Really. Go on. You won’t be disappointed.



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