Beetle Juice, Elfman & Pearson

I’ve been a little busy this evening. I’ve been editing a video. It’s what I refer to as extra-curricular work. I’m rather loving it.

I tend to work on my home PC with my work laptop set up to one side. It’s a nod to the geek I like the idea of being but don’t dare of actually trying to pull off for fear of being found out to be a complete and utter fraud.

However, it is because of this setup that I find myself blogging about something I’ve discovered on the internet *whilst* doing my extra-curricular work, thereby proving to my boss (if he does read this) that I can multi-task like a pro.

Tommy Pearson – him of Stage and Screen Online fame and former Radio 3 presenter-chappy-who-drinks-beer – has an exclusive interview with composer Danny Elfman. You know – the bloke who is the master at conveying exactly the right musical effect in the space of 30 seconds.

You may not know who the hell I’m talking about. If you don’t, then think The Simpsons, Desperate Housewives and – total-blast-from-the-past – my memorable teenage film Beetle Juice.

Elfman is the master of concision. On that basis I should hate him.

I don’t however. Elfman is one sickening wonderful musical hero.

Go listen to Pearson’s interview. *

* In the interests of balance, Pearson too is quite good at what he does.