TV: Graham Norton Show (4.2 : 10 October 2008)

Better looking in, originally uploaded by Thoroughly Good.

I resisted watching the Graham Norton Show when it returned for it’s fourth series a couple of weeks ago. I’m normally a stalwart fan. This series I found it difficult to immerse myself in it. I suspect it has something to do with work and not being quite as involved as I have been previously.

However, it appeared that the Sky+ box had other ideas and recorded the thing anyway. Consequently I ended up watching the Graham Norton Show Uncut (4.2 : 10 October 2008) featuring crazy Cyndi Lauper and adorable Jennifer Saunders.

Lots of entertaining fluff between Lauper, Saunders and Norton (the section featuring the focus group was unexpectedly fun) and confirmation from Saunders that Fox really are going to remake Absolutely Fabulous in the US. Unlike what Variety were saying on 6 October, Saunders says she won’t be involved in the production process.

Programme information available here.