Stunning timing

Some other people I know of use their personal blogs to announce things. I, on the other hand, use mine to express my innermost thoughts. This may account for why not many people read my blog and a whole host of others read the more announcement based ones.

This minor gripe aside, even I find myself stunned to read Anthony Rose announcing the launch of BBC iPlayer via mobile devices yesterday at 2.45pm. That’s around about the time I wrote and published this.

Obviously Anthony’s announcement doesn’t include radio stuff but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time. Still, the apparent coiincidence is leaving me a little winded. Am I a mind-reader? Am I a mover and a shaker? Am I someone who gets under the skin of others? I may have to go and lay out in the sun to recover and consider these questions.

Actually, I don’t need to consider these questions. I’m none of these things. I just rather like coiincidences. They set my pulse racing. It goes without saying that being on leave sunning myself in Turkey these past two weeks I was in no way involved in the iPlay-It-Again-on-portable-media-players project. 

I may just have to get myself a Nokia N96 now.