Sunger Pizza

Sunger Pizza, originally uploaded by Thoroughly Good.

“How much is the hotel buffet?”

I could hardly believe what I heard so I got the receptionist to write down the figure before double-checking with an unsuspecting member of poolside staff.

The first figure was indeed correct. The buffet would cost £41 each.

Having spent a good hour devouring four courses at breakfast (breakfast opening hours run from 7am to midday) from what was a generously stocked buffet, the idea of us forking out £100 for an evening buffet seemed a little steep and, quite possibly a waste of money, as well.

We trundled off into nearby Bodrum instead. Simon suggested I might like to drive. I jumped at the chance.

I was being a twat of course. Twenty four hours in holiday mode and I’d forgotten that driving anywhere outside the UK means sitting on the wrong side of the car, getting used to using the controls with my right hand instead of my left and negotiating scarily conditioned roads. By the time I’d got to the centre of nearby civilisation – the ‘Turkish St Tropez’ according to the handbook – and parked the car in the packed-to-bursting car park, I was a nervous wreck. Thank God I had a packet of Amber Leaf in my back pocket and sufficient skins to subdue my increased heart-rate.

We plumped for “Sunger Pizza” in the Marina. It was recommended by the blokey in the burnt orange shirt on Concierge that evening. “I remember this place,” squealed Simon, “it was recommended on Trip Advisor.”

My cynicism always assumes that most if not all Trip Advisor recommendations are written by those who actually work at the estbalishments. Not so at Sunger’s Pizza where the staff are so busy running around looking after the customers spilling onto the pavement, I doubt they’ve seen a computer in months let alone logged on to the internet.

The food was appealing and we were hungry hence we ended up ordering three starters from the menu, a chicken parmigaeano and a lamb shish. We’d peaked just at the point we’d completed our meal. Our timing is impeccable.

We did look like a couple of lemons when we first arrived, it has to be said. Whilst the staff do understand English, I don’t think they necessarily knew what to do with a couple of blokes slightly overdressed for the ocassion unsure what the etiquette was when it came to claiming a table. One very pushy lady and her family jumped what I thought the queue was. I glared at her in my usual style, but it seems this was somewhat lost on her.

Still, no matter. The atmosphere – once we got used to it – was convivial and we ate at half the price of the hotel rate. Sunger Pizza on the sea front in downtown Bodrum comes heartily recommended.

The only fly in the ointment was the drama we missed back at the hotel …