David Blaine & his latest stunt

Meeting David Blaine, originally uploaded by Moriartys.

David Blaine has begun his latest stunt involving him hanging upside-down 60 feet from the ground for almost three days.

In addition to finding myself now irreconcilably irritated by the man, I can’t help feeling a little peeved he didn’t approach me when he drew up plans for his latest effort.

If he had bothered to consult me I would have introduced a little bit more jeopardy into proceedings. I’m confident things would have been far more exciting if he had allowed me to judge exactly how long he remained upside down instead of the rather paltry 3 days he’s attempting at the moment.

And, if he really can withstand the regime I have in mind for him, then I would have nominated myself to cut the chord and insisted nothing broke his fall underneath.