Photography: Neutral Density

Neutral Density Sky, originally uploaded by Thoroughly Good.

I’ve spent ages reading over photography magazines wondering how it is that other Flickr users I know manage to pull off a dramatic sky.

Apparently, the secret is fitting a neutral density filter to the lens and then firing the shutter release. I’ve assumed that perfect results are guaranteed with every shot.

Personally, I’m not absolutely convinced. First off, I know I could probably achieve the same results using Photoshop (although frankly, I can’t be arsed). But secondly, I want that horizon I see every single day when I trundle my way down the hill to my front door to be more far dramatic than it is in this shot. I figured that just adding a filter would do the job. Now it seems I have to fiddle with the exposure a bit more or – shudder – actually do a spot of post-production.

Who really thinks digital photography is easy?



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