TV: Russell Tovey – One Good Mug

Good Mug, originally uploaded by Thoroughly Good.

It’s not often I feel the need to write an email to Russell T Davies, outgoing bigwig from Doctor Who but reading the latest Doctor Who related story I’m feeling suitably motivated.

According to the story, Russell T Davies has expressed who he feels would be good to be the next time-lordy chappy in Doctor Who. The man Davies speaks of is Russell Tovey.

I could email Davies to express my thoughts and feelings about Tovey (although I figure Davies is probably a little overrun with emails at the present time), so I’ll just express my gut reactions here and now in an absolutely-not-gushing-or-sycophantic kind of way.

In short … we like Tovey we do. Get Tovey to do the role. Go on. Get him to do the role.