Olympics: Smashing effort

I was thinking about a colleague on the way home today. He dropped a comment which was almost certainly harmless in intent but prompted to obsess between London Charing Cross and Hither Green. He’d joked that because the olympics didn’t feature “classical music” in it, then I wasn’t interested.

It’s true. I have, perhaps, been a little too focussed on the Proms.

It’s a habit. I have a few habits.

However, I am very pleased to announce that I have spent the past ten minutes clicking around various information sources on the internet with the word “research” playing very heavily on my mind.

I am therefore proud to confidently impart something which I suspect everyone knows already.

Great Britain has at the time of writing secured three Olympic medals. One in cycling and two in the same swimming race. Nicole Cooke is responsible for cycling (gold). Rebecca Adlington (gold) and Jo Jackson (bronze) must have swum quite fast in the 400m freestyle thing.

Well done all.

More exciting, up-to-the-minute Olympics news tomorrow (maybe).