Two men kissing

Gracious me. “About” 200 people complain about the fact that two men kiss in an advert for Heinz Deli Mayo.

What happens as a result? Heinz pull the advert after only a week on-air. Accountants at Heinz must be livid. They didn’t get their money’s worth. Will they see a return on their investment? Does this signal some kind of hideous downturn for Heinz? I’ve no idea.

The thing is, I consume most of my TV time-shifted. As a result of which, most adverts pass me by at 30x the normal speed, the new Heinz included. But it was news that Heinz had pulled their advert which prompted me to look for and watch it .. online. Me and a considerably large number of other people, I’m sure.

Good for Heinz. They’ve succeeded in pulling off a successful campaign online. They may not have intended it to be this way and I’m sure I won’t buy Heinz products as a result, but still the whole affair has raised their profile.

Online campaigns on my mind, I started ferreting around on YouTube for another advert I’d first seen on the internet. Ladies and gentlemen, please switch your YouTube player to full-screen for the utterly adorable Pam Ann.