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There is a running joke-come-accurate observation in our house that I find it terribly difficult to relax.

With two weeks ahead with no work worries, a weekend in Limoges and a further glorious week in Portugal to look forward to, you’d think I’d been kicking back and watching all those DVDs I know Simon doesn’t want to watch. I could go on a bike ride and get myself back in the swing of cycling. I could even go to an art gallery or a concert or .. anything. Why not an indulgent trip to the cinema. Now that really would be a treat.

Invariably I find myself distracted by something unexpected, something which will occupy both attention and my time. I like to be busy, I keep reminding myself. I like to think I’ve made good use of my time.

So it is today. After a quick scoot around the attic late yesterday afternoon, I quickly settled myself down in the lounge with a large box of photographs the remnants of which you can see pictured.

Today has seen me buy a scanner from PC World and set about scanning numerous photographs from my past, a large proportion of which feature people from school.

What I find, 24 hours after I started going through a box of unexpected memories is that there’s a lot about my childhood I’d forgotten about, still more about my school days I had filtered out of my mind. Spending what remains of the afternoon using my spangly new scanner I’ve discovered faces I’d forgotten, school trips I’d blotted out of my mind and a strange compulsion to locate people who I now recall I did actually rather enjoy the company of.

All that from an unexpected desire to retrieve a massive box of old photographs from the attic which had been hanging around for years.

There’s more of this to come (oh yes, there is!), but in the meantime take a look over the handbook (click on the “all sizes” link if you can’t read the text) I received from the headmaster at the school I went to. Twenty years on I find some of the aspirations and instructions in this particular rule book a little hard to swallow.

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