What kind of idiot do you think I am?

Shortly before I planned to skip down the road to get some wine from the Co-Op, I received a telephone call from a man called Dayan Smith who claimed he worked for Microsoft.

During the call he advised me that he knew that the Thoroughly Good domain name was up for renewal tomorrow. I panicked, momentarily.

I checked on tinterweb and discovered that no, it wasn’t up for renewal tomorrow and that contrary to what I was thinking downstairs in the lounge when I took the call there was no need for panic.

Suddenly I saw an opportunity.

“So, why are you calling me on a Sunday evening?” I asked

“I’m doing you a favour,” the American voice responded.

“And you work for Microsoft? Is that correct?”


“What’s your email address there?”

“I don’t have one.”

“If you work for Microsoft you’ll have an Microsoft email address.”

“I can’t give it to you.”

“Then you’re story’s changing. Either you’ve not got one or you’ve got one but you’re not allowed to give it out.”

“Look,” he was beginning to get a bit worked up, “I was ringing to tell you that your domain name is going to expire tomorrow. I was doing you a favour.”

“But I’m looking at my domain name records and can see that it doesn’t expire tomorrow. In fact, it doesn’t expire for some time. What’s your telephone number?”

The “helpful” man in the States did give me his telephone number although I’ll confess I haven’t rung it. I can’t help thinking that I’ve probably been “had” and when I think of that I can’t help thinking of this little clip.



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