Prom 58: Exruciating


What could be better for a self-confessed of musical theatre and a strange, if slightly-obsessive Proms fan * but an evening of excerpts from a variety of different stage works sung by UK musical theatre chieftan Michael Ball?

Here’s what could have been better.

A concert performance of one entire stage show (preferrably something by Sondheim – say Into the Woods) with a varied cast and absolutely no anecdotes from Michael Ball.

Last night’s Prom was a frightfully disappointing affair. Enough said. Let’s move on. Let’s not dwell.

* Who obviously only ever listens on the radio or watches on TV.

2 thoughts to “Prom 58: Exruciating”

  1. Well I was there it was brilliant perhaps yesterday might pave the way for them doing something like your Sondhiem idea. In much the same way as the Oaklahoma a few years ago. But if this type of show is what they wanted this year that’s hardly Mr Ball’s fault ………..Jeeez

    as for the anecdotes if he hadn’t he’d have been critisied for that so he couldn’t win.

    The whole audience was on it’s feet cheering and clapping at the end.

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