Been listening to this all day

Keep it simple, that’s what they say when you’re thinking about what to write.

So it is with this particular (rushed) blog posting. There’s strawberry jam to be made this evening (yes really) and some cleaning up and general preparation for a big day tomorrow. I can hardly wait. I am, quite literally, counting down the hours until 6pm when I’ll be home (albeit at work still) but at home.

I only have one MP3 on my mobile phone and I’ve been listening to that one track all day long. Sadly, rules and regs prevent me from posting a link to the MP3 itself. To do that, frankly, would be Thoroughly Bad.

Nothing to stop me from pointing you to the original soundtrack as featured in the opening credits of one typically British, entirely lewd, corney and brash film from a series entitled “Carry On .. ” This particular is my favourite.

The music you’ll hear in the clip featured in Prom 2 performed by BBC Concert Orchestra conducted by the marvellously enthusiastic John Wilson, who I’m delighted to say will be conducting the London Philharmonic Orchestra at the Festival Hall in their 75th anniversary season which starts in September time.

Now .. to the kitchen.

Oh and by the way .. if I had the choice I’d probably want to play the scurrying violin part although would probably settle for the thunderous timpani solo in the middle of the clip. Oh yes .. that’s an indication of just how many times I’ve listened to this one minute thirty seconds.

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