Fashion Police fight more crime in the capital


Yesterday’s fashion crime was one thing.

Today’s was even worse. I found it almost impossible not to tut when I saw the offending individual board the tube train at Lancaster Gate. There was something really rather strange about him, although at first I hadn’t really been certain what.

I watched him as he settled himself down on the well-sprung seats. He crossed his legs and leaned back, exhaling with smug self-satisfaction as he did so.

Contrary to what you might be thinking (assuming you know me well) this wasn’t what got my back up. Neither was it the sight of his open collar shirt or his well-pressed, made to measure suit.

No, it was in fact the sight before my eyes as my gaze passed down his crossed legs. There, poking out from the bottom of his starch-pressed trousers were bare ankles and bare feet, covered only with a pair of sandals.

In case I need to spell it out, like flip-flops, wearing sandals without socks but with a suit is, to my mind at least, a definite no-no. Should you at any stage consider it a good idea please be sure to get in touch.

At the risk of pointing out the blindingly obvious I was incensed, almost certainly a state of mind fuelled by an IT-related nightmare caused in the early hours of the morning involving a number of lost video files and a great deal of gnashing of teeth. I held off from saying anything to the man in question (because I am a charmer) choosing instead to take a photographic record of the crime and share this amongst my colleagues at work.

Imagine my shock when I regailed the story to those in the office only to have one of our newest recruits point out that the hatred I was communicating regarding the the sandals was not only unwarranted but deeply, deeply uncool. He wagged his finger disapprovingly pointing out that the offending sandals were in fact Birkenstocks and that no-one should disrespect Birkenstocks adding that he knew people who were high-up in Birkenstock

I, in turn, pointed to a video my good friend Clyde produced recently which put the Birkenstock “question” within context. The video for your watching pleasure.

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