Almost certainly falling into a trap

It seems like it’s been a long-time coming but a news story returned to my attention today which has touched me quite unexpectedly.

Hugely talented writer, actor and script-editor Chris Langham has been in court today facing charges of indecent assault and serious sexual assault on a girl of 18. He’s also charged with fifteen counts of making an indecent image of a child.

When news of this story broke I remember feeling immensely disappointed. Was it another in a long line of “celebrities” who had fallen victim of an over-zealous campaign to flush out paedophiles or was it, in fact, the truth?

Langham has been associated in some way or other with a number of key TV comedies which I have enjoyed over the past few years. He injects his unmistakable writing style and characterisation into everything he is involved in. His work is something I return to time and time again, not only for its entertainment value but also in the hope that some of his obvious talent might rub off, as if a TV programme can somehow inject me with something which might turn dreams into a reality.

I think of the much-needed-on-DVD series Posh Nosh as another of Chris Langham’s “babies” even if he was in actual fact the director rather than writer on the series. In this series of ten-minute pieces sending-up the then seemingly never-ending selection of “lifestyle” cookery programmes, Arabella Weir and Richard E Grant both tackled a string of ridiculously named ingredients, adopting a hugely comedic supersillious tone as they did so. It was brilliant.

Paul Whitehouse, one of Langham’s recent co-stars in the TV comedy about a psychotherapist and his patients Help, gave evidence today in court. Here the questions came up about whether or not Chris Langham had told others about the research he was carrying out during the writing of the series, the defence he uses for the counts of making indecent images of children.

It’s a very difficult story to follow with the inevitable question being uppermost in my mind. This man is something of a personal hero. I can only surmise.

One thought to “Almost certainly falling into a trap”

  1. I could not agree with your comments more! Langham is also a personal hero of mine and I remember feeling disappointment at news of his arrest at a time when his career was reaching the levels it deserved with the success of Help and The Thick Of It.
    I hope for a verdict soon and await it with trepidation too.
    I would just like to say how much I agree with what you have written here.

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