Prom 12: Blue Peter Prom


Simon and I were celebrating two friends’ wedding this weekend. Consequently, I missed most of Friday night’s Prom (I got to the bit where Sean Rafferty on In Tune goes “And now we go over to the Royal Albert Hall for tonight’s Prom”) by the time I’d pulled into the hotel car park.

I missed Saturday night’s Prom too owing to the post-ceremony antics we all got up to on the beach. It felt quite unusual dressed as we were. Lovely time had by all. A real pleasure to be there.

Having been woken up erroneously by the hotel “fire-alarm” at 5.30am (I went down to reception in bare feet and no contact lenses so I could, quite possibly, have been speaking to another resident rather than the hotel staff I had intended to grill with the question “Is this a mistake or is there a real fire?”) I reckoned there was a still a good chance I’d hear Prom 12 (Blue Peter Prom) even if I did need a lie-in to catch-up on the missed shut-eye.

Everything was going well right up to the moment I went to put the key to the car in the driver’s door intent on driving home. The key was nowhere to be found. Simon and I emptied all of the bags and checked the hotel bedroom we had vacated forty minutes before hand three times each. The key still couldn’t be found until I rifled through my suit trousers.

I was in the car with Radio 3 blaring out by 11.19am however (pictured).

What I heard of the Blue Peter Prom was rather nice. The Royal Albert Hall sounded like it was packed with children. The assembled choirs sounded good – especially the two part harmony they sang in My Favourite Things with Connie Fisher.

Peter Duncan (much-loved hero / Blue Peter presenter-fame) sounded a little horse but suitably ebouilliant. I wasn’t entirely clear who Gemma Hunt was though, but she seemed to do a good job too. I particularly enjoyed the West Side Story excerpt, especially the audience’s contribution with their repeated shout “mambo”. The interval with children’s book illustrator Shirley Hughes was fresh and interesting too.

What I’m most frightened to confess is that maybe this kind of concert is where I feel most comfortable. I hope not, obviously …

As engrossed as I was in this Prom, I did manage to turn off the M25 at the wrong exit.

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