Prom 7: Wedding favours

Melting Moments recipe

I’d not heard of a “favour” before. At least, not the kind that get handed out at wedding receptions.

A friend of seven years suggested she and I made a batch of fifty “melting moments” biscuits a couple of days before her big wedding down on the south coast. These biscuits woudl be handed out at the reception with the coffee at the end of the meal. Everyone will get one.

It’s the first time I’ve ever contributed something to a wedding celebration in such a way. A terribly special evening made marked not only by our industry but also by events relayed from the Royal Albert Hall this evening.

I’d been listening to Tchaikowsky’s Serenade for Strings in the car on the way to the pet shop. I missed a couple of movements whilst I was in the store purchasing some flea killer for the carpets but did make it back just in time to hear the audience applaud erroneously in between movements.

The audience’s performance to one side, the orchestra sounded fantastic, delivering a rich, fat sound I’d not heard in the Serenade ever before.

We were making the biscuit dough during the Bruckner, both me and my friend remarking that it did “go on rather”. It wasn’t until the encore (Meistersingers Overture thingy by Wagner) we both looked up from our little biscuit production lines and said, “Oh, we rather like this one.”

Fifty-five melting moments were completed using the recipe pictured. My friend said I was doing her a favour helping her out. I pointed out it was a complete pleasure to be involved. I can’t wait for her wedding on Saturday.

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