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One Show studio

I’m a sucker for live television.

I know it may not seem like a big deal but if I know that I’m watching something as it’s being “done” then I do tend to get a little bit excited regardless of the actual problem. That’s almost certain why I love listening to the Proms, why I nearly had a heart-attack actually attending a Eurovision Song Contest and rather enjoyed watching Blue Peter “go out” a couple of years ago.

The other thing which almost always gets me excited is the prospect of “an occasion”. Tell me that there’ll be some kind of royal event (a death preferrably) and I’ll be glued to the TV screen. I can’t explain it. It just is.

Tonight sees a smallish “ocassion”. It’s the start of a new series on BBC One called “The One Show”. From what I can make out it’s a return to the classic magazine programme 30+ somethings will almost certainly remember, Nationwide. The One Show was “pilotted” during the summer last year and now, finally, it makes its return.

I don’t think I ever watched it and suspect I probably won’t be watching it past tonight (mostly because I don’t normally get home in time), but tonight is different. I wander past the building where it’s broadcast from every single day and having experienced the personal thrill of working on projects where there’s a definite start and end time, I can’t help thinking of everyone who’s working on it. Will they be excited? Will they be worried? Will they all share a collective sigh of relief when the first show is over at 7.30pm?

If you’re in UK and you’re around at 7.00pm show your support by tuning in. I’m sure everyone who works on it will appreciate it.

The One Show, 6.30pm BBC One

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