Thoroughly Good


New job

April 1. An inauspicious day to announce news of my job.


Why commute first class?

Once again, I find myself grappling with life’s many unanswered questions during my morning commute. I’m on the 0837 from Hither Green to London Waterloo East. It’s a packed train but I’ve betted on the last carriage having a few free seats. When I stepped onto the train I discover there is one, but it’s…

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Break with convention

Convention has it (I’ve always thought) that every new working day should see me sporting different attire. Back in the day when I was a IT boy, this meant wearing a different shirt and tie every day. It wasn’t long before dressing for work became an automatic process, completed in a dimly lit room. Little…

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The secret to a relaxing holiday

My iPad is littered with previous attempts at writing about my personal problem with email. Those draft posts go on for way too long. Brevity is the key. Previous holidays me and the Significant Other have been on have seen us engage in an ongoing battle to keep me from my work email. For the…

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New Desk

Not only is it BBC Radio 3’s birthday today (offering up the chance to offer a belated birthday wish for the defunct Light Programme which preceeded it) but it’s also the day I move officially to my new desk. The previous incumbent’s abandoned paperwork has been positioned somewhere away from me and I’ve taken up…

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Taking a break from the media

We all need to get out for a bit from time to time.

A bittersweet photograph?

A moment in time. A key moment in time.


Well, well. This is an unusual feeling.

Inadvertently and unexpectedly prodded by a tweep, now seems the time to make a smallish announcement about work. In the next few weeks I’ll start a new job at the BBC. For the moment at least, I’ll be leading the delivery of the BBC’s corporate website. I’ll be picking up the ‘workstream’ newly anointed BBC…

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What I Do: Video Production

The first in a series of posts detailing what it is I do at work.

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